General Instructions Online Terminal Examination Session Fall 2015 for International Students

Jan 06, 2016

General Instructions Online Terminal Examination Session Fall 2015 for International Students

It is for the information of all concerned that Terminal Examinations Fall 2015 for international students will be a closed book examination and shall be conducted online through CIIT Virtual Campus specialized examination software.

Appearing students are directed to comply with the following instructions:-

1.      The Terminal Examination Fall 2015 will be commencing from January 08, 2016, to January 23, 2016.

2.      The duration of the each exam paper will be 3 Hours.

3.      Students can attempt their examinations from any place of their own choice.

4.      To appear in the examination students shall ensure the minimum required resources at their end, prescribed in the point NO. 5 below, failing to comply with, the student will be held responsible for any delay/cancelation in the commencement of examination.

5.      Resources required for online examination at students end are:

a)      A high speed stable internet connection.

b)      A windows (Windows XP and above) workstation i.e. Laptop/Desktop.

c)      An external Webcam installed, through which student shall be invigilated.

d)     A headphone and microphone installed, through which student shall be instructed by invigilation staff wherever required.

e)      Power backup in case of electricity failure during examination time slot

6.      It is mandatory for the student to place their external webcam at such a distance that his/her face must remain visible along with the surroundings.

7.      Internal webcam shall not be acceptable under any circumstances. The student may not be allowed to appear in examination or his/her examination will be dealt as canceled accordingly.

8.      Any other person appearing in place of the student himself/herself during the examination will be dealt as an Unfair Mean (UFM) case.

9.      Students are required to keep their Student ID Card(s)/Exam Entry Coupon within reach. And shall show through webcam to the invigilator whenever asked.

10.  The invigilator would not respond to any query related to the question paper.

11.   The student(s) are advised to attempt the question as such, and may state some assumptions explicitly through email after examination.